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Does anal sex cause aids


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Key points For unprotected anal intercourse with an HIV-positive partner with a fully suppressed viral load, the estimated risk of infection is zero. For example, research shows that STIs and some vaginal conditions, such as bacterial vaginosis, can increase the risk of HIV transmission by up to 8 times. Differences does anal sex cause aids risk Information on how risky certain types of unprotected sex are compared to does anal sex cause aids may help people make more informed decisions about the type of sex they are having. Research shows that, in addition to the type of sex that led to the exposure, several factors can increase or decrease the risk that an exposure to HIV leads to infection. Also, those not in a monogamous sexual relationship or who want to avoid pregnancy should use condoms to minimize the risk of STI transmission and pregnancy. Risk of HIV transmission from different types of unprotected sex 1. Human papillomavirus HPVthe cause of genital warts, is associated with an increased risk of HIV infection in women regardless of whether it is an HPV type that causes genital does anal sex cause aids or a type associated with cervical cancer Houlihan.
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